The Dream

Warrior9 came to me in a dream many years ago. It was a story about nine fighters, thrown together to battle in a war where they did not belong. Each warrior had a unique skill, which made them impressive as individuals. However, when united – with their skills combined – they were unbeatable. They became more than just a group – they became legend.

Warrior9 was formed in a similar manner with a producer, a filmmaker and a writer coming together to fulfill one dream. Together – combining our talents – we believe there is nothing we cannot achieve through the power of story.
A good story will entertain, a great story will inspire. Warrior9 harnesses the power of story to ultimately bring about social change for the better. Whether it is to inspire budding social entrepreneurs to be courageous or to tell a tale of two lost souls finding each other in unlikely circumstances – we tell stories that highlight the strength and passion of the human spirit, that showcase mankind’s endless ability to overcome obstacles.

Our vision is simple: To change the world frame by frame.

The Story of the Warrior 9 

Illustrated by Vanessa Leong
Illustrated by Vanessa Leong

There once stood nine warriors. Mercenaries — men of war and blood. They were drafted to fight a war. Thrown together into a rag-tag unit to fight for a cause they hardly knew.

While each man wore the same uniform the differences in their characters were great.

One was the finest swordsman in the realm. He dedicate years of his life to mastering this one skill.

Two was a madman driven by a fire in his soul. His passion burned all who dared to provoke it. Three was an immense and muscular brute. His strength was paramount.

Unlike his compatriots, the fourth was a learned man. One of the few of his time who educated his mind rather than his body. His sage counsel and ability to stay calm in the face of adversity was a credit to his intelligence.

The fifth warrior had spent most of his life caring for those who could not care for themselves and was therefore known for his compassion.

And even though number six was small of stature, he didn’t waver in the face of those many times larger than himself. His courage was never in doubt.

Number seven was reputed for always delivering on a request. He never made a promise that he couldn’t keep and earned the trust of all.

The eighth warrior lived in a world of his own making, and many thought he was, in fact, slow. Yet, his imagination always unlocked creative solutions to problems.

And finally, there was the ninth warrior – a criminal. He had spent years in prison camps, learning in the hardest possible way to regret all the mistakes he had made in his life. He wore his humility like a medal.

These men were used to standing alone. They had never had a need to trust others with their lives and they did not care to do so now – each firm in the belief that their skills would carry them through any adversity.

This, however, was not a fight in a bar or street. This was war. They faced a hardened army of organised, brutal and unforgiving soldiers.

Each battle always started the same, with the warriors standing on their own, fighting as individuals. But inevitably circumstances would force one into helping another: blocking a deadly blow, rescuing a comrade backed into a corner, coming to the aide of a fighter outnumbered.

Standing together to face a common enemy became the norm, and eventually no challenge was too difficult, no obstacle too great.

In the end, despite their fierce spirit, the war was lost. Defeated and deflated, the nine warriors disbanded, not knowing if they would ever meet again. Even so, they were forever bonded by a truth they had uncovered in battle: When they combined their skill, passion, strength, learning, imagination, courage, trustworthiness, compassion and humility, they became the unstoppable Warrior9.