So Can You was, by far, the most enjoyable shoot I have ever been on. It really is rare to have something come together like it did with this wonderful little film.

The Equestrian Federation of Singapore wanted a short film for their annual gala ball. They didn’t want another mini-documentary though – they wanted a fiction film. My ears perked up. It was a risk to deviate from the tried and true fund raising videos but they wanted it and we agreed to go the distance with them.

Here’s the thing though, I didn’t know the first thing about horses. Except that people ride them…sometimes. After spending time at the stables with some of the horses I got a glimpse, a tiny glimpse of the incredible bond that these people had with their horses. Your actions determined how a horse would react to you. If you were nervous then the horse would get nervous and if you were calm, then they would be calm.

With little money and even less time we were lucky to bring together a talented cast and crew, including one of the Federation’s own graduates from their special needs program, Rueban Swaminathan. Victoria Chen, who plays Grace, was another find. I could probably gush about the entire cast and crew but I’ll let you see their magic rather than go on about it.

Watching the film premiere at the annual gala was an honor that I will not soon forget. We do hope you have as much fun watching it as we had making it!

Watch it now if you haven’t already!