We make scripted content, documentaries and movies that make you think about life, about society and about yourself. We are based in Singapore, and work everywhere.

Ashima Thomas


I spent ten years in TV news before deciding that I didn’t just want to tell stories about the hardships and tragedy in our world, I wanted to play a part in ... making it a better place. I believe that the universe listens, and around the same time, I was approached by a non-profit group that tells stories to help people who are doing good. I fell in love with telling the kinds of stories that can create change, and now, I want to do it for as many people and organisations as I can.

Anshul Tiwari


After nearly 8 years in a banking career, I decided to quit and make films. Being a filmmaker was easy. Making a career of it was not. I learned the ... craft by working with documentary filmmakers, travelling extensively and making short films for organisations and corporations. In 2011, I came to Singapore and met the people who wanted my craft, who wanted my talent. We made many short documentaries telling stories of people who made a difference in this world. I found my visual and narrative style, and I found my career. I didn’t want to lament on the problems of the world. I wanted solutions. I wanted change. And so, Warrior9 happened.

Abhi Kumar


I’ve wanted to write for as long as I could remember. The ability to create a world with passionate, feeling characters and a powerful narrative ... has eluded many a writer, including myself. I remember the moment when it came together for me during one of my first staged productions - a fully realized world, with living, breathing characters looking back at me. It was alive...and it was mine. I haven’t looked back since. I’ve written for the stage and TV, and am now, through Warrior9, working on multiple projects including a sci-fi TV pilot, a short film, and a full length feature.

Passionate about film and its power to transform us, Warrior9 is the creation of a scriptwriter, producer and filmmaker who united because of our belief that “changing the world frame by frame” is not only possible, it is imperative.

We strive to make both fiction and non-fiction content that makes you think about life, about society and about yourself.

Warrior9 makes content for anyone who believes in the power of story.

The story behind the name